10 Facts You Never Knew About Thane City

10 Facts You Never Knew About Thane City

Thane city was originally known as ‘Sristhanaka’ named after Lord Ganpati as the word means the residence of Lord Ganesh. It was an important Portuguese trading center until the Marathas captured it in 1739 and as the terminus of the first railway in India built from Mumbai in 1853. Surrounded by hills and around 30 lakes.

10 Facts You Never Knew About Thane City:


1. The word ‘Thane’ is derived from the local Marathi word “ठाणे” meaning “Police Check Post”. Thane was the next Major British Police Check Post after Mumbai.

2. The city is colloquially known as the “City of Lakes”, given the 30 scenic lakes located within the bounds of the city and district.

3. The estimated Population of Thane is 18 million, as of 2020.

4. Thane still houses Two Indian Airforce Bases in the city.

5. The first-ever railway train was started on 16th April 1853 from Boribunder to Thane.

6. The city is an immediate neighbor of Mumbai city and a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

7. Thane has a tropical monsoon climate that borders on a tropical wet and dry climate. Temperature varies from 22 °C to 36 °C.

8. The first-ever English medium school was started in 1821 and was named ‘Thane English School’.

9. the first Marathi Library was established. In 1896 the birth anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj was celebrated for the first time in Thane.

10. The Portuguese ruled Thane for over 200 years from 1530 to 1739 A.D. During this period Thane was known as “Kalabe De Tana”.


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