Tea Villa will always be 'our' brand - in the sense, that you will always find the warmth and togetherness you expect from a good cup of the finest brew in the world. Customer Satisfaction is what we judge ourselves by. If they are delighted, we have served our purpose of 'being'.

Just a cup of tea. Just another opportunity for healing. Just the hand reaching out to receive the handle of the cup. Just noticing hot. Noticing texture and fragrance. Just a cup of tea. Just this moment in newness. Just the hand touching the cup. Just the arm retracting. The fragrance increasing as the cup nears the lips. So present. Noticing the bottom lip receiving heat from the cup, the top lip arched to receive the fluid within. Noticing the first taste of tea even before the tea touches the lips. The fragrance and the heat rising into the mouth. The first noticing of the flavor. The touch of the tea on the willing tongue. The tongue moving the tea about in the mouth. The intention to swallow. The warmth that extends down into the stomach. What a wonderful cup of tea. The tea of peace, of satisfaction.


Indian Tea, Hot Coffee, Hot Desserts Shots, Shakes Villa Special Mockteas, Mojitos

Average Cost

Cost for two - ₹1000


Gr Floor, Shop No 1, Y- Building, Flower Valley Complex, Opp Viviana Mall Opp, Eastern Express Hwy, Runwal Nagar, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400601


Viviana, Eastern Express Highway, Thane, Maharashtra, India

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