Mama Bhanja is a hill located in Thane West at Lokmanya Nagar.

It is a prominent mountain and can be seen from anywhere. There are two hills, one is Mama Hill and the other is Bhanja Hill. Mama Hill is at the top whereas Bhanja Hill is a little lower than Mama Hill.

Mama Hill is full of hard rocks At the top, there is a shed of Mama Dargah.

It will take an hour of a climb for a fit average man. Pretty wide steps are made all the way to the top through the forest. During rains, there are many small streams across the steps.
After climbing and reaching the top you will come across a junction from where if you turn left you will reach Bhanja Hill and turning right will take you to Mama Hill.

This is Mama Hill as you can see in the photo. There is a shed at the top. That is the point which we see from the city anywhere. Whole Thane city and Mumbai can be seen in clear weather as shown above.
Mama Bhanja Hills, Thane West offers a majestic view of the National Park as well as Thane City
History says the Mama Bhanja Hills are very old dating 400 years back.


Mama Banja Hills, Lokmanya Nagar Thane West


Majivada, Thane, Thane, Maharashtra, India

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