Irani Chaiko’s – Newly Opened Irani Cafe in Thane!

Thane’s culinary scene just got a vibrant splash of Persian flavor with the arrival of Irani Chaiko’s in Ashar 16, Wagle Estate. This charming cafe promises a delightful escape into the world of aromatic chai, hearty comfort food, and a warm, inviting ambience, all at incredibly pocket-friendly prices.

Stepping into Irani Chaiko’s is like stepping into a time capsule. The vintage-inspired decor with checkered floors and quaint wooden furniture transports you to a bygone era, reminiscent of bustling Iranian chai cafes. The air is alive with the chatter of happy patrons and the inviting aroma of freshly brewed chai, instantly putting you at ease.

But the real magic unfolds on the menu. Irani Chaiko’s boasts a mouthwatering array of Iranian and Parsi delicacies, all priced under Rs. 400. We embarked on a culinary adventure, and here are some of the highlights that tantalized our taste buds:

  • Mutton Keema: Tender, minced mutton simmered in a fragrant blend of spices, served with melt-in-your-mouth pav (fluffy bread). This dish is a carnivore’s dream, bursting with rich flavor and a satisfyingly spicy kick.

  • Egg Kejriwal: A classic Parsi breakfast of fried eggs on toast smothered in rich, creamy cheese sauce. The simplicity of the dish belies its depth of flavor, making it a comfort food masterpiece.

  • Chicken Keema Ghotala: This flavorful minced chicken curry is a symphony of spices, with a touch of sweetness that balances the heat perfectly. Pair it with fluffy rice or crispy roti for a satisfying meal.

  • Chicken Roll: No Iranian cafe experience is complete without a hearty roll. Irani Chaiko’s version is packed with succulent chicken chunks, fresh onions, and a secret spice blend that will leave you craving more.

  • Salli Boti Chicken Bowl: This slow-cooked chicken dish, infused with aromatic spices and yogurt, melts in your mouth with every bite. Served with fragrant rice, it’s a perfect blend of comfort and exotic flavors.

And for the vegetarian foodies, there’s the Soya Keema, a plant-based alternative to the classic mutton dish, packed with protein and bursting with flavor.

No meal at Irani Chaiko’s is complete without indulging in their divine Malai Kheer. This creamy rice pudding, delicately flavored with cardamom and saffron, is the perfect sweet ending to your culinary journey.

Irani Chaiko’s is more than just a cafe; it’s an experience. It’s a place to unwind, connect with friends and family, and savor the warmth of Persian hospitality. With its charming ambience, delicious food, and incredibly affordable prices, Irani Chaiko’s is sure to become a Thane favorite. So, head over and grab a steaming cup of chai, indulge in some delectable Persian fare, and let yourself be transported to a world of culinary magic.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to check out their daily specials for even more tempting deals!


  • Kiran pangaonkar
    December 25, 2023 at 10:46 AM

    Pl display menu,which I could not found.and mention time open and close. Delivery available your own or through swiggy, ok

  • Haya Shaikh
    January 12, 2024 at 9:14 AM

    Please confirm if the food is halal.

    Thks n Rgds

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