Why is Thane called Thane?

The city of Thane is situated on the western banks of Thane creek with Parsik Hills on the east and Yeoor hills on the west. The word ‘Thane’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘sthāna’ which means ‘place’. Besides being the stamping ground of the pre-historic tribes, Thane has a rich cultural heritage, mythological background, followed by a large number of events of historical importance, archeological collectives that have contributed to the enrichment of the history of Thane.

What is the History of Thane?

Thane has come out as a developed city with features from Mumbai. The history of thane can be divided into four phases which are detailed in the following content. The earliest mention of Thane was seen in the works of the Greek philosopher, Ptolemy who referred to a place Chersonesus, which happens to be a place around Thane Creek. Marco Polo, another Venetian traveler described the city as a great kingdom due to the well-developed ports, continuous traffic of ships, and trading of many items by merchants.

Thane was previously known as ‘Shreesthanak’. Thane coast had relations with Europe, Greece, Babylon, and Persia. Certain carvings like the Ashoka’s edicts (225 BC) and at Kanheri Caves show that King Rudraman ruled North Konkan i.e. Thane and Colaba during the second century AD. This area was ruled by Mushervan (531-578) and by Silharas for the next 400 years.

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Why Thane is called the Lake City?

It is also known as Lake City as it has 35 Lakes in its city limits. Located between Yeoor Hills of Sanjay Gandhi National Park on one side and Ulhas River/Creek on another side, Thane has a unique and good surface water system through lakes and streams, which is today under heavy pressure of urbanization.

Is Thane safe to live?

Thane is one of the safest places to live in and the best options for a short trip. Thane police do a good job in controlling the traffic, attending to issues immediately, and maintaining the overall cities peace.

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Which is the main crop of Thane?

The important Kharif crops of the district are Rice, Vari, and Nachani (finger millet). The pulses like Urad, Moong, and Kulith are also grown in this season. Rice is the main crop of the Thane district.


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